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What we do

YRTime is a professional organization with expertise and experience in the field of business events, fieldstudies & educational trips and business excursions. We organize custom made trips in a variety of fields & professional domains. We have an excellent and extensive network of professionals. All Hospitality aspects of the educational business tour are provided by our in-house Business Tourism & Travel department, and in partnership with international hotel chains for the best services.

Our formula

YRTime has developed a formula of a short and intensive Business Tour in which theory and practice (5 days) is combined with a delightful leisure component (3 days) in Belgium and France. The active participation and the requirements of participants are our starting point to deliver added value.

The Business Tours we organize involve substantial expert guidance. All our Business Tours are customized to your professional domain of expertise (Health Care, Public Domain, Municipallities, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Legal, Transport, Water Management, Higher Education, IT, Engineering & Architecture). We only work with local field experts who fully know the Dutch-European–International market and the Dutch-European-International Trade Relations.

Valid travel document

  1. The applicant (business tourist) must have a valid travel document, e.g. a passport.
  2. Not pose a threat to public policy, security or health. The applicant shall not pose a threat to public policy, security or health. Overstaying of a previous visa and the registration thereof in the Schengen Information System is not a reason to reject the application.

Submitting your of application

Your applications for the Visa must be submitted in the country of residency. The following criteria must be fulfilled:

1. date of your scheduled travel

2. purpose of your scheduled visit (date of your scheduled travel/friends – business visa – tourist visa)

3. family name

4. given names 

5. passport number

6. telephone number where you can be reached

Kindly note that the processing time of an application takes up to a minimum of 15 days.

Kindly note that YRTime always adjusts the Business Education Tour with specific visits to Eurpean countries, according to your travel and education wishes. I.e. visits to: Germany, Spain and Italy.

Fill in our contact form for more inforamtion about our business tours.

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